Servicing the greater Lansing and Jackson areas of Michigan.

Our Objectives: 

To provide cost effective professional service every day.

To provide consistent quality and security throughout your facility.

To provide our employees with the finest supplies and equipment.

To guarantee a program that offers standardized initial and ongoing training and properly manages the work force.

Quality assurance is an important part of cleaning care in the Building Services Company program.  We use a scheduled set of inspections and communications designed to ensure that acceptable levels of cleanliness are maintained at all times.  Our equipment and supplies are constantly updated and employees routinely retrained to maximize effectiveness.  All workers police records are checked, they are bonded and fully insured.  By implementing these quality control, support, and training objectives we have been successful in providing superior customer service.





The Building Services Company is locally owned and operated and has been since 1994.  Prior to opening this company our two top managers were employed with two of the largest building service companies in the world with facility assignments through out the United States.  We currently service over 100 buildings in the greater Lansing and Jackson area with a staff of 50 people.